Welcome to the Special Blend Acappella website

Special Blend (or The Blenders, as we are known in Barbershop circles), was formed about 10 years ago, from members of the Major Oak Chorus We are one of a very select quartets that features three brothers. Our other member is a highly experienced barbershopper who has been singing for about 30 years.

We are often asked if our name reflects the quartets preference for a particular brand of coffee. No, the name derives from the voice blend we achieve through the brothers being siblings.


The quartet is highly experienced in entertaining audiences of all sizes, from a small intimate family gathering, to weddings, shows at larger venues i.e the Albert Hall (Nottingham), Nottingham University, Sheffield and Derby Cathedrals, churches, pubs, hospitals and hospices and pretty much everything in between. We are also often to be found at music festivals were we have both won and been placed second on a number of occasions.

We have quite an eclectic repertoire featuring standards, pop music, and a fair dollop of comedy –  everyone likes a laugh!


Laugh, and you just don’t understand the seriousness of the situation